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My Brother

April 9, 2015
By Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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I slay.

He's younger than me - friskier, bolder;

We're as different as the earth and the sky

In all ways - yet he seems happier

Probably because he's a chilld?

Maybe so - but I know he's more than that

I know I can kill for him

He can do the same for me

As he's someone I've got to love

He does brighten up a dull, bleak day

After all he's my brother..


And I question my worth day and night....

In many ways - I think I don't deserve him

But with that bitter thought, there is always

A better one, a sweeter one - that reminds me

That its impossible for me to live without him

I've cried when he's in pain and sadness - I admit it

I've felt mirth at all his gains

I may not show it - but I want the best for him

Bad luck touch me first rather than him

For of course, I want him to be the happiest....

The author's comments:

Just another free verse poem about me and my brother....

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