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The Dream of Making it

April 1, 2015
By nwj97 BRONZE, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
nwj97 BRONZE, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
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"Dramatic irony is beautifully evil."

The stress of the world
of the eyes of the others.
Father, sister, mother, brother
always watching and waiting
observing to see
what is it you’ll be
but more importantly
how can you become who you’re mean to be.
The pressure to not be perfect,
but to be near close
so that you can outsmart
and outshine
every joker that tries
to do what you do
and become just like you.
To achieve the dream
of a life worth living;
the same dream we all dream
and only few are found worth winning.
The fear that never leaves a heart
turning every corner
the stress is always there
the reminders
waiting and watching
of the hearing impaired clerk
forced to work day in
day out.
She is the future
looking you in the eye
unless maybe
if you’re lucky
you can just scrape by. 
The dreams they promote
is a dream that we fear
for in failing the dream
you will disappear into
the failure of the dream.

The author's comments:

The stress of school, and creating something of myself after high school is constantly hanging over my head. To not achieve my dream of being successful, and having a job that I love and can live off of, is terrifying. 

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