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not an elegy

April 1, 2015
By woodland GOLD, Los Osos, California
woodland GOLD, Los Osos, California
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write a poem, she said
that says how you miss her
but it seems my pen is dead
for when I write
what appears on the page is empty
it has no soul
and no emotion
a barren landscape
of weightless words
and it  makes me hurt
I’d like to write what I feel
but my mind is blank.
Its funny,
because I kinda feel like it did
one year ago
when I didn't even know what I felt
just that I was a shell
and I didn't see it coming
and I never got to know her
and my eyes ached from crying all day

so I am sorry
I couldn't write an elegy
that makes you spill tears

and I hope you like
the empty words
I forced myself to write. 

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