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Alzheimer Filled Veins

March 27, 2015
By dya.o PLATINUM, Milton, Florida
dya.o PLATINUM, Milton, Florida
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I have this theory..

that life is much more than it seems.


Yes I know.

But my theory is different

by many means.

I think life is like a dance

With swift, sharp dips and turns.

Or maybe it's like a poem?

With strict verses and meangingless titles

that seem like something at first

but end up cascading into a cacophony of confusion.

But then it could be a-

Oh dear.

I've forgotten my train of thought.

Nevermind that,

I'll just continue talking.

Life is like a dance..

Oh. I just said this?

Well, please don't question me

I know that these are my own thoughts.

Or are they?

I don't remember anymore.

My, my...

What was I saying?

Oh yes! A garden..

Many gardens across the world are beautiful

Why I remember a time I..

What is that?

I'm getting off track again?

I apologize

These old eyes can't seem to keep up.

Or is it my mind that is slow?

I can't remember now...

Who are you again?

Oh. My daughter.

Why, I wouldn't forget my daughter of course!

Please forgive me.

It seems John forgot to get you ready for school.

Poor John.

Always forgetting things..

What? John is dead?

Of course he isn't!

I just saw him a moment ago!

He's been gone 15 years?

What do you mean?

I would have remembered if he died then.

He is my husband after all!

Please call him for me, I'm feeling faint..

I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't know you.

Have we met before?

My daughter? You are not!

Me and John haven't had children yet.

You see, we're waiting for the war to be over.

President Roosevelt is a gre-

Huh? Roosevelt is dead?

He can't be!

Why just yesterday he came and visited.

Poor Roosevelt got stuck in the fence

and John had to pry his paws from the wire.

I miss that dog..

Where is John?

Excuse me young lady,

have you seen my husband?


why am I in bed?

This room has changed.

Where are my drapes!

My fur rugs!

My paintings and my desk

with all the little flowers painted over it..

Where am I?

The hospital!

Why, I can't be

I'm not sick...

I'm sorry,

Who are you again?

The author's comments:

My friends grandma has Alzheimer's. I had the fortune to meet her the other day, and the symptoms of the disease shocked and saddened me. This is for you, Mrs. Gene.

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