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I still have time

March 27, 2015
By taymmarie BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
taymmarie BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
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7:00 AM,
My ancient stove told me as it
conjures up hot cakes,
the only thing I will consume until
noon. I have time.

7:10 AM,
The hands of the white covered clock
haven’t been reset since 1973;
I’ll leave in 5.

9:15 AM,
Two hours ahead, four minutes
behind, waiting at this red light takes forever, but
I can still make it.

8:19 AM,
Late to school, no makeup,
the sun ray circled hands lied.

Time is inevitable, and
frankly, is never the same more
than once.
When hands lie more than the ones
who hurt you most,
be careful. 

The author's comments:

Being kept from what you want and need to do because of the lies from tick-tock machine is no more. 

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