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March 26, 2015
By Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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I slay.

The world turns dark when night falls

Lights switched off - my body rests

But what of that fickle mind?

Like a wild horse - it wants to gallop free

The buckles and straps are loose

I decide to let my mind roam free

To explore the deepest of fantasies

The wishes, experiences, dreams and whatnot

Feelings that no one has ever seen

Feelings that no one has ever tried to decipher


Love, hatred, hope, fear and disillusioned sadness

Wreath my heart with withered flowers

Every memory like a kiss blows over me

Some are sad-some are happy

And I'm still wide awake-staring at the dark

Wondering about tomorrow's shimmering daylight

Nighttime - its kind enough to let me be myself

Soon enough, my eyelids are heavy

And I'm swooning as if I'm on a drug

I lose it all and let myself drift..................

The author's comments:

The night seems to be my best friend.......Its darkness lets me reflect over all that I've seen, heard and felt........

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