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Dreams of a Night Drifter 2

March 17, 2015
By Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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As the rain begins to fall
My heart begins to swallow
The pain I have caused all
To you its just a dream
To me its my reality
As my tears begin to stream

I can’t not say the things I have done
To the ones I loved and you
But now my darling it’s time to run
Run from all the things you see
Run from the ones who hurt you
And me
I had dreamed we’d have forever my love
but that dream has come to pass
Our love was like a dove
Flying in the wind
We were shot down out of anguish
Maybe we weren’t met to be

Our Love has gone
That time has passed
Theres no more dreams to be made
or songs to be sung
without you I am no one
My dreams are lies
for they are all of you
I’m sorry my love
I couldn’t protect you

You fell through my fingertips
Like the fog in my hands
There was nothing I could say
But still I let you slip away
You withered and crumpled
like the leaves on the ground
and making no sound
You had a smile on your face
and that twinkle in your eye
I’m sorry Love
That you ever said goodbye

I had one chance
and now i see
The bad guy truly was me
I had your love in my hands
but I threw it away
I wish you had stayed

I deserve nothing from you
but you deserve tons from me
I sorry I ever made you leave

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