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Mind and Heart

March 9, 2015
By Nightingale74 PLATINUM, Beavercreek, Ohio
Nightingale74 PLATINUM, Beavercreek, Ohio
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The heart wants what it wants,
Yet a want is not a need.
For the heart can want,
But the mind will lead.

My heart is guarded.
I’ll let it beat,
Only when I deem it safe.
But for now my heart is quiet,
Cause my mind’s the one that’s guiding.

Until one day,
When I gave my heart the reigns;
I let it beat.
I opened up a window,
And saw the skies were clear.

But then you came and blindly slammed it shut.
You took my wish, my hope,
And now my heart is stinging,

I cannot hope, I cannot love,
For fear of getting hurt.
But I chose to hope,
I chose to love,
And now I’m stuck with pain.

Yet I will take my beating heart
From the safety of my chest.
I will take it out for you, and lay it on the rocks.
I will let you walk across,
To find your happy ending.

I’ll let my aching heart be a bridge
And not a wall.
Because I love you,
And I always will.
Now go off and find your wings;
Learn to use them and live your dreams.

And you’ll never have to know
Who it was that made those wings,
From the fibers of
Her beating,
Aching heart—

A heart that once was guarded,
Beating only
When the game was safe.
And now it’s quiet once again,
For the mind has gained control.

The heart wants what it wants,
Yet a want is not a need.
For the heart can want,
But the mind will lead.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem about a friend. My best friend actually. I guess this poem is just about the difficulties of having to compete with your friends in love...when you both like the same guy. It's about being afraid to love someone, being afraid to let your heart take control. Because the time when you chose to let your heart rule your actions...you got burned. It's about having a selfless kind of love...the kind that means giving up what you want for the ones you love.

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