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Your Name

February 28, 2015
By kikixkupkake GOLD, San Marcos, California
kikixkupkake GOLD, San Marcos, California
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"The things that walk out when we open our minds." -Dylan McCoy

The difference between an atom and a molecule is that a molecule consists of several atoms linked together to form itself, and an atom is a single particle of matter.
The difference between a word and a poem is almost no different that the relationship stated before; a poem consists of multiple words strung together to form itself and a word is simply syllables with a meaning.
Your name is different.
I don't exactly understand how one word can feel like a million,
How the syllables of your name have such a true definition,
When your parents picked you out, were you born with a name tag?
Hi, my name is-- and if so, why did they stay with that?
You don't need a nickname to help people remember who you are
Because the words that you have used to speak are great enough by far.
You're not a third-place man,
And if you were, it'd be because you let them beat you,
Nobody could naturally defeat you
On account of the fact that you were completely submerged in your own river of Styx.
No one else experienced this
And I am solely convinced
That this is the reason they all love you.
But maybe some of that water got in your eyes
Because you don't recognize the fact that we do.
I used to call it humble but now it's just ungrateful.
A chemical bond can be broken if something comes between the bonded molecules,
And at this point I'm afraid your low ego is what's tearing us apart.
Why does your hamartia have to be a broken index of self worth?
The worst part about falling in love with someone who hates themselves is that you have to come up with enough love for both of you.
But if you're constantly reminding me of your flaws, what am I supposed to do?
I feel like you're expecting me to finish the 50 piece puzzle with 8,
And your eyes are like some timer counting down to remind me I'm always too late
To save you from your meltdowns,
But honey you're magnificent to me.
So why can't you just grow a pair and try to see what everyone else sees?
We all still think you're beautiful.
The law of conservation states the matter is neither created nor destroyed,
But every time I look at you, you make me feel like I matter.
You made me feel like I mattered.
That's something I'm not exactly used to.
Like the way my heart used to be two
But then you formed some poetic bond between the pieces.
Still, my heart holds onto things, not releases
So I'm harboring heartbreak like it's a used article the past donated.
And tonight, it is freezing outside so I will wear all that I have.
You'll be chilling in some ice castle because you're better than that.
In my dreams I am imagining that we still have some heated chemistry
But I know that your name is not charted in my textbook.
Your name is something that my lips could trace for hours upon hours,
Like I'm breaking scientific laws with your name's poetic pronunciation.
Your name is what I called out as you walked away,
What I typed into my phone, dialing it over and over
And maybe we should have taken things slower,
But I've never known atoms to break apart.
I never expected your name to tear me apart.
And now,
Now that the two particles that we were are floating away into space like they never even mattered,
I wish I would have said it more.

The author's comments:

I guess I've fallen in love with someone's name... After endlessly doodling it, it's all that I can think about but it's too late. So without even naming them, I wrote a spoken word piece about them in an effort to say goodbye to their name.

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