Being a Man is Loving

December 22, 2014
By HannahLouise1321 DIAMOND, Delaware, Ohio
HannahLouise1321 DIAMOND, Delaware, Ohio
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In search for a companion,
If only he knew how to act,
How to pick apart such proud bones,
And let his lover tend to them,

He walks on such tall toes,
Only to become unbalanced,
By love,
By attention,
Incapable of such care,
He becomes small,
And seeks to hold onto that power,
Instead of trusting her hand on him,

He dresses like sophistication,
But sings off-key,
He is afraid of finding the correct pitch,
Afraid of precision,
He is only composed when he attains to routine,
Seeks love,
But can’t grasp the concept itself,
Just the thought of it.

He knows she sees him,
That she appreciates him,
In his skin,
In his mind,
He’s the brightest star in her line of vision,
But he can’t give up,
What he already has,
Who loves with those things in mind,
He’ll never learn.

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