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His Life

December 8, 2014
By skatewritefight SILVER, Shepherd, Montana
skatewritefight SILVER, Shepherd, Montana
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There is no greater bore than perfections

He tells me:

I don't like this world

I want it

to go away.

I want

the pain to end



He doesn't see

who he touches around him

Who he makes smile.

Who would die

if he did


I want to tell him

that I love him,

but I only say that I care.

What good is caring

if he's no longer there?


Everything dies eventually

but it isn't his time,

nor is it mine


I have to help him

I have to save him

before his life

fades into silence,

and the laugh that I love

ceases to exist


But am I strong enough to help,

if I can't even help myself.

Will he be set adrift

if my efforts fade to mist? 

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