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We lost something

November 17, 2014
By Briseida25 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
Briseida25 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Way before my birth
There was Mother Earth
With love, she created me
And she created you

And we created destruction
We created hate
We created hell
We created war

Did we forget about love?
Did we forget about the heaven that Mother Earth created for us?
Man is hungry, it is a hunger that can never be filled
It is what makes us want

We desire, and that makes us sad
When we are without desire
It makes us happy for a brief moment
That is not true happiness
Because soon, a new desire will come along
And again we are sad
True happiness is a state of being
Not a feeling

If we lived in harmony, one with the earth
The animals, and each other
The way it should be
Our minds would be at peace
Our bodies filled with love

But we lack heat, we lack warmth, we lack love
Love is the foundation for growth
Love makes the trees grow
Love pushes new life into the universe
Love keeps the cycle of life turning

My flesh, my bones, my spirit is made up
Of the earth itself
I am connected to the grass that I stand on
I am connected to the bright moon that I look at every night
To the trees that rustle on windy days
To the great blue ocean that will never stop moving
To the beautiful animals that roam the earth
I respect that

I long for a day when my brothers and sisters respect that too
Have they forgotten who they are related to?
They say family is the most important thing in life
We are all a family

Because the earth created me
And she created you
We must retrace our steps
Somewhere along our path, we lost something
We lost our true selves
We lost the knowledge that allowed us to live in the true state of
Instead, we created something fake

We created the ego
Which made us destroy
We are killing her
We are killing us
We lost our connection

It was our lifeline
Like the umbilical cord that connects a baby to its mother
Providing nourishment for the baby to grow
We severed our link to the earth
Which nourished us, and caused us to grow
We created a fake world
Is it possible that we will ever mend our relationship with our mother?

The author's comments:

Just something I think about a lot

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