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In Two Minuets

October 15, 2014
By Swimmergirl101 GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
Swimmergirl101 GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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In two minuets

the sky could change

from a brilliant blue

to a dark grey.


In two minuets

you could list off your favorite



or movie.


In two minuets

you could make someone

roll on the floor laughing.


In two minuets

you could change the world.


What will you do

in the next two minuets?

The author's comments:

My friend, Smile534, wrote this and I want to give her credit for this poem. She didn't want to finish it, so she handed it off to me. She is in the same English class I am. Go check out her writitng!!


Thanks for all of the support especially from guard-girl, MissEmilyDickenson, Earthmoon01, and LaurelPeterson.

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