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Silent Shadows

September 5, 2014
By SamuelSudlow PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
SamuelSudlow PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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Silent silhouettes in the night, approaching America,

Clothes stained with blood and sand,

You can almost make out the fearful expression on their faces,

One young, two elderly,


Silent shadows are wrapping their fingers around a fence linked by chains,

In a desperate attempt to pass through the guards,

But the guards have the eyes fit for the job,


Running as fast as they can away from the guards,

The youngest drops a toy stained with memories and fear, he looks back at the toy and cries,


Buildings miles away, civilization even further,

The next obstacle is a where a lake once was,

Now it is just a barren land filled with Earth’s creatures,


The guards catch up and fire bullets, but they expected it,

Dodging every bullet but one, her leg grazed she yelps but still runs,

Bravely continuing, she is clearly making the effort,


They escape for a few minutes and breathe silently,

Silent shadows in a silent desert, miles away from the border,

Illegal you call them, but the effort they make proves their thirst for a better life,


Don’t waste your breath telling them where they can trek and sleep,

Lines mean nothing in these eyes,

The eyes of someone needing more,

The eyes, of Silent Shadows.

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