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Intelligent humans

June 21, 2014
By thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
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We humans are intelligent.
We invent guns and bombs and walls of enmity
We dread death, even while plotting it with our own actions

We humans are intelligent.
As the only animal blessed with a conscience, we love nobody
Not our planet that anchors our body
(Our heads alone are in the sky)
Not the ones of our own that need loving-
The blind, the homeless, the sickly
Not the voices of nature that whisper that there is a
Fundamental flaw in our path
No, our conscience only loves that ‘I’ at its very center.

We humans are simply intelligent
How brilliant an idea it is to imprison in the narrow
Bars of our arrogance the pride of a wild beast. How very
Exciting for us must it be, to build amusement parks and
See an animal reduced to the mad dementia of running
In endless circles too small for its majestic esteem.
Lions do not cry. But even if they did, we’d only gape at
In awe, at that marvel, for, we humans,
At this height of our intelligence, are blind.

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