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June 24, 2014
By Bryn.B GOLD, Spring, Texas
Bryn.B GOLD, Spring, Texas
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"Maybe who I was cannot be captured, only reminisced; all I know is I'm my favorite me I've ever been."

-Michael W. J. Yearout

There are traces of you
still strewn through my days,
loose threads
strung among sinews,
like a coffee stain
that was once there,
gone now
like it never existed,
to everyone but me.

I still see your faint outline
against the newly white linen-
whether or not I am hallucinating,
you are still here,
and I want you to leave
(even though you already did,
and I want you to stay)
even though you already left.

You are gone
to everyone but me,
and I am tangled up
in your loose threads,
so carelessly abandoned in my heart,

even though

you never knew

they were there.

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