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Screaming Inside

June 3, 2014
By TierraJunebug SILVER, Wixom, Michigan
TierraJunebug SILVER, Wixom, Michigan
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I never wanted to die i wantedx the pain to end
The scars may fade but my heart wont mend,
Behind thi8s mask is a hurting heart
Regardless of what you see I am falling apart,
Sometimes im quiet but screaming inside
I had no friends or joy so I attempted suicide,
I tell people Im okay as i hold back tears
Truth is Ive been depressed for more than a couple years,
I pulled out my hair and banged my head and cut my thighs and wrist
Id rather hurt physically than mentally and know that i exist,
Saying I was happy is the worst lie I ever did tell
Since im so unhappy and living in hell,
I was nothing but a disappointment to everyone
I lost my faith and gave up and now I continue to run,
People wonder why they dont see cuts but why would I do it where you could see?
Thenh it would give bullies an excuse to be mean to me,
I cant tell if im getting better or just more used to the pain
I can no0t stand living this way its driving me insane,
I am a victim and my own abuser tangled up in one
Most of the things ive survived were things that I have done

The author's comments:
sometimes life just is not a friend of mine. I have days where I wish I understood the things Ive been through and then i have my days where i dont care about anything.

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