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What's Next?

May 29, 2014
By LoveMuchHateLess SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
LoveMuchHateLess SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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I've arrived!
Fully fledged, justified.
I'm waiting for the differences to start
And awaken me to the world of which
I am now, officially,
A part.

The author's comments:
Milestones. Turning thirteen, starting high-school, Sweet Sixteen, eighteenth birthday, graduation--they are all milestones. Everyone emphasizes these rites of passage, and everyone has an opinion on how the events ought to be celebrated. But no one ever tells you what supposed to happen next. It's as if people say, "Well, we've directed you this far; you figure it out from here!" What?
Still, the milestones are exciting. And there is something delicious about not knowing the next step because that means anything could happen. Who knows where God will move you?
Maybe that's why no one can answer "What's Next?"

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