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The Declaration

May 7, 2014
By NightGoddess17 PLATINUM, New City, New York
NightGoddess17 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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I am a writer
But I didn’t use to be this way

I used to think that death was poetic and creative
An ironically endless metaphor for so many aspects of life
But it lacks its old spirit and soul

I used to think that love was beautiful and soulful
A deep well into which my words would soundlessly fall
But I guess they’ve hit the bottom

I don’t want to write about death
About the struggle of life
About the silence
About the anger

I don’t want to write about love
About his perfect face
About the fights
About the happiness
About the depression

Because death and love are so common
Everyone can understand them
But I don’t want to write about everyone

I want to write about me

I want to write about my crazy friends
About the laughter
About the tears
About the loyalty

I want to write about passion
About the ignorance
About the fear
About the fun

I want to write about the things that maybe won’t make a very poetic poem
Because those are the ones with the most meaning
The feelings and the memories

When I write, I want the world to stand still
And hold its breath in anticipation
For the line
The word
The pause

Poetry is supposed to be a writer’s footprint
I want mine to be set in concrete
Not flimsy, fickle sand

I don’t want my poems to be lost
Drifting in the naïve ocean of clichés
I want my poems to be bold

I’m tired of tiptoeing around the trees
I’m ready to crash through the forest
Leaving destruction in my wake

And only then
When I do pass into silent death
Or fall into the abyss of love
Will my poems stand alone
Audacious and powerful
Full of emotions and thoughts

I am a writer.

The author's comments:
While perusing this site, I noticed a lot of poems are about death, suicide, love, self-harm, etc. And there are a few that seem to be idolizing these ideas. I also noticed quite a few of my own poems had these themes as well. I just think that now we should all move past all the negative or cliche poems and start to write about topics that are unique to each person. I don't mean to offend anyone, and this poem is not directed to a specific poet or poem. If at all, this poem is more directed to myself to mature as a writer. I hope you like it!

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