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May 8, 2014
By Mariam.J GOLD, Dubai, Other
Mariam.J GOLD, Dubai, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I don't have many favourite quotes , though I do love the truth that 'change is constant .'
For you , a thousand times over - Hassan , The Kite Runner
If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time , don't drag your feet - Rudyard Kipling

I loved a boy made of stone
Perfectly chiseled to the mould of my expectations
Skillfully crafted with artful, statue-like perfection
Terribly difficult to move

I loved a boy made of stone
His cold hands were carved beautifully
In unequal proportions to my own
His smooth hands did not fit between the cracks
Of my fingers
They did not bend or curve
So, I held on to his unwaveringness.

I loved a boy made of stone
I believed his eyes would be a passage
To what lay inside
But all they were was smooth glass
I could only see me
Looking at me
Hoping to see him
I never stopped looking.

I loved a boy made of stone
I believed my perseverance would be able
To break him
To let out the warmth I knew was inside
My hammer made cracks
That I was foolish enough to believe
Would widen and deepen
Allowing me to enter
But his want for solitude
For anything but me
Cemented them over

I loved a boy made of stone
From a distance, I threw rocks
Out of anger
Out of fear
Out of desperation
Out of hope that I could shape him
But the rocks just ate away at what I loved
Leading to nothing but brokenness

I loved a boy made of stone
I held on to the marble chest
Of his steadiness
He was perfect in a world that was like water
Always moving
Always changing
Never stopping
But stone in a water world
And falls apart
Leaving you
Leaving me
With something less solid

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