From Here I See

May 1, 2014
By SierraMist007 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
SierraMist007 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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From here I see a red buoy,
bobbing over the steep drop
of the ocean floor.
The strap from your goggles
pulls your hair from your ponytail.
A strand of seaweed slithers across my thigh
like a flickering tongue of a snake.
Screeching louder than the distant seagulls,
we splash further from shore.

You glide your hand
with scarlet painted nails
over the rippling waves.
The sand yanks our feet
as a wave towers over us.
The water crashes
as we tumble back to the shore.
Crawling away from the undertow,
we fall where the ocean meets the sand.

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