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Falling into

April 10, 2014
By AriBow GOLD, Edina, Missouri
AriBow GOLD, Edina, Missouri
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I hear the voices in my head
They scream at me and I don't listen
I should have listened to them
Now I cannot go back
I have gone to far
My life will never be the same again
I am addicted and I can't get out
I am stuck in a hell hole for the rest of my life
The smoke stings the taste is bitter
But it makes me feel so good
After all I can do is sleep and scream
No more I say
I through it away
But it comes back
I can't escape
I can no longer live this life
I grab the knife and pierce my skin
I am so happy
I am free
I fall through the air with a smile on my face
My eyes flicker and fade
Blackness is my friend

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