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Substitute Teachers

April 2, 2014
By AlexH. GOLD, Ledyard, Connecticut
AlexH. GOLD, Ledyard, Connecticut
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“Hello class! I’ll be your sub today.
“Your teacher is out,” the substitutes say.
“Now answer these questions real quick and right,
And I’ll write good things to your teacher tonight.
Now stop talking! Sit down! This class is for learning!
Not playing around! I’ll give you this warning.”
The substitutes try to maintain they’re in charge,
But everyone knows it’s the students at large.
Students don’t ever do what they’re told,
No matter how many times the poor substitutes scold.
Students just know that subs don’t belong,
Poor substitutes, they’ve just got everything wrong.

The author's comments:
I myself hate it when we have substitutes, not because of the subs themselves, but i just like it so much better when you're real teacher is there and they know what they're doing.

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