Sing the Song of Forgetting Again

Dear sir, I think we’ve met before
It was a time different than this one today,
I’m sure of it
You wore a suit and tie,
one too small and the other too long,
and your shiny new shoes had a scuff

The grass had been dying when we met
I remember how every time a gust of wind rolled by
the blades snapped, defeated, like they’d been
carrying the weight of one thousand men
Now the earth has been revived
and the grass is green again

Above our heads the sky had been cracked open
Rain fell onto our shoulders
as thunder came to a boil
and you laughed,
because of course it would rain
the day you forgot your umbrella

I’ve lately come to feel
like I could use that laugh in my life
Perhaps I’ve built it up in my mind,
but I’d like to say thank you
because the memory of that laugh
has pulled me out of the darkness more than once

Do you know the worst part, sir?
I may remember the rain and the laugh,
but I cannot recall what I was wearing,
or your name,
or if the leaves were dying as well

It is a horrible feeling
to lose the treasures you have kept sacred
in your heart and mind
What’s worse is while you look for an enemy,
someone to blame,
the whole time it’s been you

Dear sir, I think we’ve met before

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