Girl in the Masque

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The silhouette floats in silk, figure immersed

In mist

She is like blood orange sunsets and the way

It crawls against skylights and ocean.

The smell that ashtrays give and allure of

Well-dressed men doused in cologne and rum

Fingertips meeting palm

But it is silent here

Her masque is rose gold rimmed

Nameless, she glides for figures in frayed theatre seats

Chanting to the chandelier

If she closes her eyes she sees it

Crystal wine glasses and olives and champagne,

Caviar and proper rouge and white gates

Avocado trimmed window shutters

Dirtied sheets entangled,

Teal teacups and title changes

The figure bows and collects

The rose pedals and silver motel keys

And blows a kiss to the faceless figures

And a man with a suitcase puts his jacket over her shoulders

Do you want me once or forever?

I will put on my


Will you keep me?

Burnt orange sheets and

Cheap motel wallpaper, floral and chipping

And she holds his neck but he doesn’t say a word

The masque drops it’s sequins on

Whitened carpet

And as the sunlight caresses the glass,

She is frightened at the reflection

She places the masque back on

Rimmed in rose gold,

And entices the men in the frayed theatre seats

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