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Just to Let You Know MAG

By Anonymous

Your butchering words
In the beginning
Went through my head
As a child who listens
To every word you say

Your constant sarcasm
Your words which
I thought were the truth
The never giving up

Just to let you know, Dad
Those butchering words
To me are now worthless
For I know now
It was only your sickness

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on Mar. 13 2011 at 10:50 pm
A_Jean PLATINUM, Citrus Heights, California
40 articles 0 photos 19 comments

Favorite Quote:
"we all carry these things inside that no one else can see. they hold us down like anchors and they drown us out at sea."
"i'm trying to figure out which parts of my personality are mine and which ones I created to please you"

I definately agree with that. :D

on Mar. 6 2011 at 9:07 pm
CoyoteHeart GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
17 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You'll learn from them - if you want to. Just as someday, someone will learn something from you. It's a beautiful, reciprocal arrangement. And it isn't education. It's history. It's poetry." ~As said by Mr. Antolini, Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger

I've been there, too. Amazing imagery though, and I like how the end is sort of empowering in a way. Good work. :)

elephantanni said...
on Mar. 6 2011 at 6:17 pm
Teen Ink is honestly amazing. I'm probably the only one of my friends who thinks reading poems for hours is more fun than watching YouTube videos. 

on Mar. 6 2011 at 6:03 pm
FeelTheRomance18, Tucson, Arizona
0 articles 0 photos 40 comments

Favorite Quote:
love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind. -Lysander, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Wow. Deep, and relateable. This is amazing.

on Mar. 6 2011 at 10:54 am
Maggie2014 GOLD, Great Falls, Virginia
11 articles 0 photos 13 comments
Swithearth, unfortunatley i disagree, this poem was not flawless. Butchering words? someone please explain... usually butchering words means that your are messing up yours or someone elses words. and second there was absolutley no punctuation. like one big run on sentence. yes, no punctuation works for some people/poems but it did not work for this one. this poem was only ok.

abbymac said...
on Feb. 25 2011 at 8:03 am
abbymac, Easley, South Carolina
0 articles 0 photos 5 comments
Wow! This poem is awesome. It's so relatable, and I like the repetition of the phrase "butchering words". It adds some emotion to it.

on Feb. 12 2011 at 9:23 pm
Neautique132 SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
6 articles 0 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
If I wanted antioxidants, i'd just hold my breath!

So deep, and strong. Amazingly real.

Lillian GOLD said...
on Feb. 12 2011 at 7:56 pm
Lillian GOLD, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
11 articles 0 photos 15 comments
Wow. This is so...raw. I think it holds a piece of everyone's mind.

anne.Brooke said...
on Feb. 12 2011 at 9:05 am
anne.Brooke, Mumbai, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not.
-Kurt Cobain

I love the phrase 'butchering words'...


Alia_Tan GOLD said...
on Jan. 21 2011 at 8:55 pm
Alia_Tan GOLD, Elk Grove, California
15 articles 0 photos 69 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I gotta right to sing the blues/
gotta right to moan and sigh/
I gotta right to sit and cry" From "I gotta right to sing the blues" By Louis Armstrong

hey great job! please check out my haiku calld who am i? thanks a bunch and great job again!!

on Jan. 21 2011 at 7:11 pm
purplebutterfly SILVER, Sweet Home, Oregon
8 articles 0 photos 11 comments
wow i can totaly relate to this...it's so lively and full of sorrow...

on Jan. 21 2011 at 6:51 pm
mjinwonderland BRONZE, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California
2 articles 0 photos 5 comments
great job, you just summed up all  want to say to my dad, but i cant.

Emkat said...
on Jan. 21 2011 at 2:00 pm
I love this poem!  Your words are really, you know, deep :) this is so good!

on Jan. 3 2011 at 4:06 am
NikkiNitrogen GOLD, Troy, Ohio
16 articles 0 photos 11 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Love is the slowest form of suicide."
" The loudest cry is silence."
" Light travel faster then sounde this why most people appear bright until you hear them speak."
"The best beauty comes from the worst pain."

I loved it because I know it I live it, I go through the same thing the people I looked up to as I child my gurdain Angels the ones of my childhood now lay broken,horrifingly ugly as a person and the truth is they were always this way it just tastws growing up to realize it

on Jan. 1 2011 at 6:40 pm
Sissybug2012 PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
36 articles 0 photos 128 comments

Favorite Quote:
"the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return." -MOULIN ROUGE (song lyrics)

this is was so interesting....very unique....good flow

on Dec. 30 2010 at 7:25 pm
Pia_HainzCiavelli SILVER, St.James, Other
5 articles 0 photos 28 comments

Favorite Quote:
Such is liife :)

this was so unecessary. if she wants to be snark and rude, thats her prob. also not her prob if u take offense.

No offense to any of  u tho =)

on Dec. 9 2010 at 9:48 pm
CABhahahahaHPhahahaTLhaha GOLD, Kamuela, Hawaii
14 articles 0 photos 10 comments
simply:      :)

alienag said...
on Dec. 9 2010 at 5:18 pm
alienag, Sugar Land, Texas
0 articles 0 photos 6 comments
ack ack. shivers!

on Dec. 8 2010 at 5:41 pm
Sadia123456 BRONZE, New York, New York
3 articles 0 photos 15 comments

U hot on cool writing


on Dec. 8 2010 at 4:10 pm
keepinitreal BRONZE,
2 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
relax, throw your nikes up on the table, read a book, and let the haters hate.

This is fantastic. Stay strong :)