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Warmth of a Rose

April 2, 2014
By Slenderchick SILVER, Hooper, Utah
Slenderchick SILVER, Hooper, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
I Am Your Demon
I am the shadow that lurks in the night
I am the darkness that brings terror, fright
I am the demon that comes in your dreams
I am the horror that thrives from your screams
I am the monster that lurks in your mind
Inside of your mirror I'm not hard to find
I am the nightmare inside of your soul
I am the anger raging out of control
I am your demon, your mirror, your shade
You cannot control me, my presence shan't fade
I am you nightmare, your shadow, your dream
I am your voice, your vision, your scream
I am the madness inside of your head
I shall stay here inside you until you are dead
Tim Vallie

I sit in my cold dark room the blinds are shut and the door is closed, all I seem to hear is the sound of the crows, you have left me here and my heart has froze,nothing can unfreeze it not even the warmth of a rose. It's all your fault you left me here when I needed you most, when the pain of being rejected hit me like arrows, goodbye to you let me meet my doom in this cold horrid dark room.I hope you are happy with what you have done, I hope your happiness blooms from my gloom,if you try to come back to fix what you've done,i'll be gone into my tomb far away from you.I've died from sadness when you left me here,you better fear because i'll be here not as human but as a ghost. My perfume surrounding you, it taunting you, so shut the blinds close the door, you'll than hear the crows, just remember you are the reason I am dead; you left me and my heart froze nothing ever unfroze it not even the warmth of a rose.

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