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Your House of Mirrors

April 4, 2014
By KyleG SILVER, Millville, New Jersey
KyleG SILVER, Millville, New Jersey
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I’m pissed at the world
and i’m pissed at you
i broke you so leave me
i don’t give a damn what you do
i want a new beginning
to escape this miserable scene
but you forever follow me
i forever fight your dream
i fight the riptide of the old
embodied in you
dragging me back
from the shores of the new
i don’t want to be the nice guy
i don’t want to deal with this anymore
i want to leave, let me out
unlock this damn door
i know it’s here but I cannot see it
it’s made of sliding glass
i try to run through it
and repeatedly land on my a**
and your windows are broken mirrors
they reflect and refract
i can no longer see who I am
I no longer know how to act
how can I know?
when I cannot even see?
you blind me from within
i do not know who to be
so in my hand I hold a rock
a stone to set me free
i’ll break your doors, your mirrors
and return to being me
with the force of my fury, i hurl my rock
but it bounces away
i thought I could break through
and escape into day
but in night I remain
i cannot regain my sight
my emotions are trapped in yours
i cannot find my will to fight
blind and broken
now I know
you have me trapped forever
i have nowhere to go
in your web of emotion
in your house of mirrors
there are never enough stones
to free me from your fears

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