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March 27, 2014
By WinterGreer SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
WinterGreer SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
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dance like no one's watching/ love like you've never been hurt/ sing like no one's listening/ live like heaven is on earth

Curtain descends on today's stage

with night they come

raven feathers and scorching eyes

iron gauntlets and hollow cries

"thirsty," they whisper

drifting closer and closer

the terror you feel

is because you're their meal

feasting on sweet dreams

and your deepest secrets

the throbbing of your fear

is the single sound they hear

and in a flurry of silken feathers,

pale skin, and razor-edged teeth

they attack

their human snack

and before anyone knows

that they ever were here

they are gone with the night

dark-winged ghosts in human sight

dark angels, bane of men.

Did you have nightmares again?

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