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Painful Memory

March 14, 2014
By Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
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As the tears begin,
To roll down my cheek
I can’t help but,
Close my eyes and think
About all the happy times
That we had together
Lost in the moment
Wishing to last forever
At one time you were it
The perfect girl
The perfect fit
You made me completely happy
But now it’s all gone
Faded into darkness
Dissipated into nothing
Picking up the blade,
My heart it running
I have to end my pain,
Before it overwhelms me
Memories of joy,
From long ago
Begin to flood my mind
What to do, I don’t know
I want to escape,
This painful world
Forget the memories
Of the perfect girl
Lost in a sea
Of unwanted reality
I must face
My darkest fears
Suck it up
Wipe away the tears
Grab the silver blade,
And the black handle
A couple quick slits
Will drain my wrists
As the blood seeps
All my pain leaves

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