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What To Do So I Don't Fall In Love With You

March 5, 2014
By MelanieLouise PLATINUM, Plymouth, Minnesota
MelanieLouise PLATINUM, Plymouth, Minnesota
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Do not wear jean jackets over hoodies.
Do not wear skinny jeans and vans.
Do not wear beanies.
Do not have plugs or tattoos.
Do not wear plaid.
Do not wear band merch.

Do not sing with me in the car.
Do not hold my knee when you drive.
Do not make me mix CDs.
Do not say the songs remind you of me.
Do not speak softly and proudly about your sister.
Do not call your grandmother everyday.

Do not give me tulips or peonies.
Do not bring me to concerts.
Do not tease me.
Do not buy my favorite thing from the gas station, just because.
Do not show me your baby pictures.
Do not keep a photo of me in your car.
Do not say to my dad “she loves you.”
Do not say to my mom “she loves you.”

Do not be passionate.
Do not be protective.
Do not be loving.
Do not be excited.

Do not tell me I smell good.
Do not tell me you like the way my rings feel when you hold my hand.
Do not tell me my toes twitch when I sleep.
Do not tell me what my lips do when I read.
Do not tell me I am a better parallel parker than you.
Do not tell me you know who my poetry is about.

Do not tell me you love me.
Because I just might believe you.

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