Teen Love Affair

We meet in the quiet of the day,
slinking off into corners of
forgotten places
for a rendezvous
that feels so forbidden
even though it shouldn't
and then you press me against the wall
(or I press you against the wall) and
kiss me so hard and so long and so fast
you rub the lipstick off my lips
as you touch me all over
and I try to hold myself back from
going for too much.
Then we break so
we can both take a break.
you can hold me
against your chest and I can feel your heartbeat
pounding against my ear
and we can look at each other with
eyes as bright as burning magnesium.
Then we keep going until the clock
cuts us off, but
when we have to leave,
we always want to keep going
so we steal kisses as we head outside.

The rest of the time, we try to get our worlds to align,
but they don't quite meet up:
you hang out with your friends and
I hang out with mine,
passing glances and
saying hello as we pass each other by
so we dwell in different hemispheres
and I dream of you,
but I can't quite reach you
the way I want to
so we meet in the quiet of the day
and pretend it's enough.

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