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Worn Shoes

February 19, 2014
By SoldMySoulForLove BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
SoldMySoulForLove BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Darkness, it eats away at me. No longer able to feel. Torn, shredded, dirty, and abused. Used so many times, only to be thrown away. A soul? No longer there. Given away, I just wanted love. Once bright, adored, cherished. Now I am replaced, he wanted something else, something newer, brighter, and better. Tossed to the side, I see him every day, with that new thing. What’s so wrong with an old pair of shoes? I am as good as any I guess. Just another thing to throw in the trash. Are you done with me? Couldn’t you just wash me off and pretend everything is fine? I look at you every morning when you pass by; you even look at me at times, like maybe you’ll use me again someday. Then you pick me up, I get my hopes up. Do you love me again? No, you hand me to someone else; I’m not your problem anymore. This new person loves me as much as you did when I was new. He doesn’t care that I’m worn out. He doesn’t care that I’m not new. He loves me the way I am, like you did when you first got me. His love is like the laces that hold me together now. The shredded, torn, and dirty pieces now fixed and bright again.

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