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Ode to the Middle of the Night

February 19, 2014
By InnocentLife BRONZE, Sacromento, California
InnocentLife BRONZE, Sacromento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"I hate you then I love you. Its like I want to throw you off a cliff then rush to the bottom to catch you"

Knock knock knock
Whispering my name
Wake up...wake up
Its every night at the same time
I wake up to find it in my face
The middle of the night stumbling upon me once again like a cat stumbles upon yarn
He says its time to play I'm only here for a little while longer
I am to tired to play
But he doesn't listen
He takes me out of bed like a thief
He takes me to a place
A place called darkness
We talk as loud as we can no one is around to hear us spill out our feelings
All alone
Like always
Middle of the Night don't leave me again
He says don't worry
I will be back to accompany you

The author's comments:
This piece just came to me. Its like kind of true in my own way.

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