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So true is my love

February 6, 2014
By Promethean SILVER, Kanpur, Other
Promethean SILVER, Kanpur, Other
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My beloved
My love
You looks so beautiful
I see
Your beautiful smile, long and bright
Your eyes, small, pale blue
It uplifts me
I admire it

I see
Your long hairs, dense, dark black.
Once I praised your hairs
And told, so unique and long
You said yep! they are
I admire you
With love, not the erotic one
But with a feeling that says I love you!

I see
Your teeth so white, so lovely
With makes your smile
More beautiful, more pleasant
I like it, I love it
I admire him

Who created you, made you
So good, so vernal, so peace loving
I love him
I love you too
I see
You are dressed well
Not extremely good, but
Then also you looks so graceful
I admire you
I love you

I see
A big ring in the morning sky
No no not the halo, but sun
Bright yellow, somewhat blanch red
I confess, it is bright, good and beautiful
But not more than you
Indeed far more less
I admire you

I am as if lost
Admiring your beauty
Admiring you, your smile
Feeling as if I am with you

But as my grip lost
I am left just with a
A big one
Revealing my true love
For you and for him
Who created you

I looked down and picked your photo
And again looked at it
Oh! the sun is gone
Came a voice from somewhere
I called Yes! It is
You, my love and
Just now comes your call
So true is my love. So true I am!

The author's comments:
So this is my first attempt to write a poem. i hope it is good and will receive many comments and recommendations. Please read it twice , rate it and don't forget to comment. Please, please ,please...

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on Feb. 16 2014 at 1:43 am
TanviKusum DIAMOND, Gurgaon, Other
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we speak in hushed voices so as to not wake our memories

A very good first attempt :)