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Something Crazy Like That

February 4, 2014
By Beanzoinalin GOLD, Linesville, Pennsylvania
Beanzoinalin GOLD, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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You probably,
Don’t know,
Or care,
Or want to know,
But why,
Why would you?
I’m just,
1 out of over 7 billion,
Or something crazy like that,
But people,
Tend to tune out,
To others they don’t,
Care about,
Or want to care about,
Or want to know.
But why,
I ask myself all the time,
What is different?
From them to me,
They have friends,
Why leave,
Me out,
Goodbye I try,
To say to them as they walk away,
And this time I mean it,
No more of this,

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