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How Much I Suck

January 18, 2014
By Icillict PLATINUM, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Icillict PLATINUM, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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I suck at life.
I suck so much at it I sometimes think it's the best that I can do.
I've failed at everything,
but people still throw it at my face.
The critize me and compliment themselves.
They worry about me, and then celebrate their victories.
I suck so much that I had to go back and fix there to their.
My suckiness is contagious and no one wants to catch it.
But I wonder what I don't suck at?
Dancing, writing, singing, kissing???!!!
But still, I suck at answering the phone before the caller ends.
I realize that sucking is all I can do.
But I can't stop sucking.
For its makes me work harder and laugh louder.
For I realize that there are others who suck worse than me.
But I won't pity them, criticize them, nor celebrate my victory.
For this is how much I suck,
and this is how proud of it I am.
I'm going to gain 300 calories, support me will you?
Peace :)

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How much do you suck?
I have other works, feel free to comment and rate! Enjoy

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