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Disease of Difference

January 12, 2014
By tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
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In continuous circles
Around the universe
Hurtling through the sky
Traveling the same way we live
This planet, the world, this life
Is something we too often
Take for granted
Narrow-minded and with closed
Eyes we live

We live this world
Spreading our ideas over a life
We will never truly understand
Anything we conceive as illness
Is diagnosed with some
Pseudo medication
That is supposed to
Fix our souls
And drugged we slumber
Through this world
Pretending we know the answers

But what if the schizophrenic
You just diagnosed
Is really a connection?
What if they are more in tune,
With the universe
Than any of us?
What if their so called disease
Is actually a portal to some other dimension
Some other universe
Who could be more sophisticated,
Than our human minds would allow us to believe

Perhaps, they can hear the screams of
Another world, in another lifetime
But we silence their gift,
With drugs
Our solution to every problem we see
In one another
We wage wars on those who are different
Without opening our minds
Just because there is no proof
Doesn't mean we aren’t wrong
Just because we can not explain it
Doesn't mean there is no explanation
Sometimes, we need to understand
We are not as superior as we believe

We take so much of this world for granted
That we lose respect for the other aspects of it
We think our sole priority
Is our own race,
Yet we only really focus on ourselves
We can’t even help the members of our own species
But we pretend that we do
We stick our noses where they don't belong
And medicate, medicate, medicate
Silencing the disease of different

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January 10th, 2014

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