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The View from the Window

January 14, 2014
By itskatomall PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
itskatomall PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
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The ground speeds past us.
The plane rises slowly off of the earth.
We are airborne.

The view from the window was spectacular.
People that used to tower over us,
Shrunk until they were the size of ants.

The lights of thousands of houses and streets,
Lit up the city like Christmas decorations.
Lakes that we so often called vast and infinite,
Turned into nothing more than puddles at our feet.

The view from the window was beautiful.
We rose higher and higher,
Until the world below us became nothing more,
Than a series of geometric shapes.

We rose higher and higher,
Until we broke through the clouds,
And entered an atmosphere of cosmic proportions.
The Sun shone with such radiance.

And as we flew,
We couldn’t comprehend how something so beautiful,
Had ever come to be.

The view from the window was unbelievable.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece over my winter break, when I flew from across the Atlantic. I wanted people to realize how massive and beautiful our world truly is.

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