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A Gluttonous Heist

December 29, 2013
By emilyjoe DIAMOND, Algonquin, Illinois
emilyjoe DIAMOND, Algonquin, Illinois
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"What if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection?" -Calvin & Hobbes

Listen closely
Above the television frenzy
You will hear
The muffled sounds
Of candy shop cop robberies
The custard filling inside job
Of crooked paper cakes and crooks
Incredulously indulgent agents
Taking mouthfuls of monotony
Smuggling over sweetened teas
And all the while
We are helplessly editing our virtues
With globs of whitened sugar
But water paint puns
Streak the porcelain page
Slashing at your artificially flavored arteries
And sugar coated veins
The icing on the cake:
We are still human
Still alive
An oddly rapid glucose repetition
Hardly a heart beat
Merely an insignificant grain
Of false hope and lost hope
And inglorious satin skies

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