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Her dieing thoughts...

December 5, 2013
By Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
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She knew this was the end, the godforsaken end,
this was not how she had wanted to die,
in the middle of nowhere,
where no one would hear her cries or screams
mauled by a f***ing bear…
This was not the way she wanted to go,
but where was she to go?
there was no one in at least a million miles,
she was in the middle of no where,
she couldn’t move,
and she was dieing on the cold hard ground,
waiting for death to take over.
Yet, she didn’t want to die,
but no one would ever find her,
and for the first time that she could ever remember,
She was scared..
she tried to survive,
but her injuries made it hard,
her attempt to do anything proved futile,
she didn't want to die,
to give up,
and leave everything behind,
but she could feel the icy grip of death start to wrap around her neck
she now knew why the tried to stop her,
told her it was too dangerous,
but she didn't listen,
she never did,
and now she was paying for it.
as the frigid hand of death closed around her
she whispered as loudly as she could,

I’m sorry...

The author's comments:
i was inspired by the dreary weather one day, and i began thinking then it just came pouring out.

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