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November 30, 2013
By thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; that's why they call it the present"

I wish to kiss you
Whatever you are that
Deprived me of my yesterday’s sleep
Cramped my legs into an unbearable ache
Broke my thermometer in the Physics lab and
Made my teachers schedule a hundred tests

Really, I love
You that made me
Lose my debate contest
Forget to wash my fart smelling socks
And miss my school bus by a moment-
Thus completing flawlessly the worst day ever-
Because you have guaranteed me
A perkier day soon
(for that’s the law of life, metamorphosis-
Transformations abound,
From bad to better and I,
Can already see
The silver lining in the mercury of
My broken thermometer)

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