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November 13, 2013
By Hayley567 BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
Hayley567 BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
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#12: Brother
Fear freezes over a beating heart
a leather book drops from hands
chopped strands of hair burst from the pages
Brother, Murderer
Countless death notes written
knife in hand
blood on clothes
eager to write another one
a secret known
a threat discovered
a soul must die
reason is tried
NO Jacob NO NO stop it!
A bodys on the floor
listening out of question
gleam of silver, life taken
brother, killer
one must flee, blood on hands
limp body left to decay
left for baby brother to find
screams pierce the night
the cracking of a mother’s heart thunders
it’s all downhill now
brother hides the book
one loose page is left behind
somehow the cops are blind
body bagged and sent away
life goes on
a soul now tied
tied to a killer
following morbid travels
witnessing more murders
more cases gone cold
the knowing of a companion
spoken to at night
apologizing for the monster inside
who leaves the killer broken
tortured, plagued, and threatened
refusing to do the bidding any longer
settling for pleading
fighting within the mind
cursing this unseen monster
who takes everything away
who refuses to leave
refuses to silence
Brother, Maniac
A knife pressed to a throat
so close to being gone
so close yet so far
knife now thrown away
a tortured soul lives day by day
in constant struggle to keep sane
The monster whispers gently
pushing another death
another innocent life taken
Brother., tortured
wanting this to end
tired of killing strangers
tired of everything
feet lead to a nearby town
takes him to the police station
doesn’t even knock
sits himself inside a cell
requests a pad and pen
begins the confession
making the monster scream
the police are baffled
now, locked away alone at last
Brother, sentenced to life.

The author's comments:
This is a free verse poem I took from one of my stories i've written. (If there is a spacing issue sorry, i had it in a middle margin and when i pasted it it when to the side.)

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