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That boy

November 17, 2013
By MeganLaChance SILVER, Wells, Maine
MeganLaChance SILVER, Wells, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
To be yourself in a world filled with people who want to change you is the worlds greatest accomplishment.

I think I love him
From his wide smile
To his oversized feet
His heart is heavy with pain
You see it in that smile of his
That boy doesn't know
I can tell
No one but me can tell
That boy laughs
And has fun
But the pain still heaves on his heart
I love him
He doesn't know that either
As that boys heart aches
So does mine
I felt his pain once
I still do
Just not as much
I love that boy
I want to make that boys heart light again
It pains me so
We text
But his are short and full of sadness
I want to talk
He doesn't know how to
A tear leaves my eye
As he says good bye

The author's comments:
This guy I like is going through a really tough time and I want to be there for him. He doesn't know I like him, so everything I say to him is awkward, I hope he reads this. It was inspired by the same boy in my poem "we love each other, we don't love each other"

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