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Poison Apples

November 10, 2013
By MinhLOVESAnime BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
MinhLOVESAnime BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
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Life is hard
So there's a saying:
When life gives you lemons, you make lemon juice
So when life gives you apples,
The obvious thing to do is to make apple juice, right?
Yeah, sure, but what about about poison apples?
Death is unpreventable
And even worse, it's unexpected
So take your appreciation for friends and family up a little notch
'Cause who knows?
I certainly didn't.
When Grandma passed away
Her lips weren't their usual naturally perfect pink
Her skin wasn't the usual glowing paleness
Her touch wasn't their gentle warmth
Her lips were dyed purple and black
Her skin was yellow and sick
Her touch was cold, like ice
Grandma was just like Snow White
And like snow, she must do what snow does best
Snow must fall
Luckily, she didn't fall with a poison apple
She fell in the warm embrace of her loving family
The warmth of love

The author's comments:
When my beloved grandma passed away in August, I had so much feeling and so much emotions I wanted to let out.
When I did, it came out in form of a poem.

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