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Depression Days

October 23, 2013
By ldiercks_14 SILVER, Minneapolis, Kansas
ldiercks_14 SILVER, Minneapolis, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
lack of faith is fatal.

Why would I try;
when my insides feel dry.
I'm falling apart and no one can stop it.
I've got a passion in my heart and it's jumping.
I can't give up, my body depends.
My voice bounces, and reflects from within.
Why would I die; when I just started living?
My heart contradicts from my sinless beginning.
Messed up, stressed out, mind gone.
Got my feelings so effed up,
take a shortcut.
Maybe lose, but here's what's happening;
my body ain't listening to what the world's saying.
What do I do, where do I go?
Got my heart pinned on my sleeve but where is my soul?
Where is that passion, burning within.
I want that;
I crave that;
crave the questioning to end.

The author's comments:
This piece is about going through depression, what it feels like, and your mind contradicts your feelings when you try to conquer it. Sometimes you don't know where you're going or what you're doing, and there's always that what if. This is written about my personal experience with depression, and now after overcoming it, a bit of what my thoughts are like. Basically, it talks about how your mind after you've been in depression, even when your happy, it tries to tell you that you're not. That you need that razor blade, you need those pills. Basically, just conquer it all and prove them wrong. Your skin isn't paper, babe, don't waste your ink. <3

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