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Siren of the Sea

September 17, 2013
By Emotsye PLATINUM, Syracuse, New York
Emotsye PLATINUM, Syracuse, New York
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The sea is lonely, the sea is dreary
My legs are restless, my eyes are weary
My head hangs low
My shoulders slump
I’m completely alone
And I’m ready to jump

And then, from afar
An angel sings
“Come to me, come to me
Whomever you are”
I look out past the stars
And they’re the only things I see
But once again she calls to me
“Come here, whomever you are”

I look to the side, I look up, I look down
There’s nothing to see, there’s no one around
She cannot be seen but I swear she calls me
A woman of nineteen, sounds like a beauty queen
“Come here, come to me. Come here, come to me.”
My skin is crawling and my whole body shakes
I’ve never felt so alive, never felt more awake
But I still see that she cannot be seen
“Come to me, come to me, come to me please”

The waves threw themselves against me
They screamed and they screeched
They wished and they wanted
To be at rest from the lonely, dreary sea
And the woman, that woman, the woman of my dreams
Once again she sang to me

“Come to me, please. I’ll put you at rest from the lonely, dreary sea”

I swam to the bottom of the sea
To be with the angel
Who sang me to sleep

The author's comments:
This was actually an assignment for my Literature class, I would love some feedback!

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