Red: A Bloody Colour

When I think red, I see blood pouring from a newly killed carcass of an animal.
I see the evil smile of a mad scientist when something has gone right.
I can see vicious animals that are starving so you can see its ribs.

When I think red, I hear the maniacal laughing of a mad scientist when he’s created something evil.
I hear the roar of a lion or tiger before it pounces to kill.
I can hear bones crunching in a graveyard when someone- or something! - is walking in it.

When I think red, I touch sharp spears that have poison in them.
I touch something bloody, like something with a deep gash that can’t stop bleeding.
I can touch something squishy, like the insides of something.

When I think red, I taste something bitter, like chocolate without sugar.
I taste the sourest lemon the world can grow, so I die of sour.
I can taste something foul, like burnt popcorn that’s so burnt, it is completely black.

When I think red, I smell the most horrible thing, burnt rubber.
I smell a terrible stench, like some sort of potion a witch is brewing up.
I can smell something very stinky, like the terrible stench of smelly feet.

When I think red, I feel so angry, I just want to kill everything.
I feel hate, so I just want to lie around and mope and wish everything was dead.
I can feel evil, so evil, that I feel I can go to my lab, create some kind of device, and rule the universe.

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