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September 12, 2013
By Sparkles96 PLATINUM, Grants Pass, Oregon
Sparkles96 PLATINUM, Grants Pass, Oregon
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She could see,
There in his eyes,
The kind of deep longing,
Raw desire,
That every girl hoped she would find someday,
In the eyes of a knight.
She stared at him,
The night closed in,
The dark enveloped them,
But it did not seem binding,
It felt like free,
As skin met skin,
The world grew smaller around them,
Until they were the only two people who lived.
When two bodies collapsed into each other,
Head tucked against shoulder,
Arms tucked under arms,
They found it was a perfect fit.
Sweet nothings whispered into hair,
Fingers whispered into hair,
Hair whispered into nose,
And a fit of giggles to follow.
It was so comfortable.
So… Perfect.
She wished,
As she often did,
That this moment they were in,
Would freeze,
Unfold itself into eternity.
She prayed,
As she often did,
That the days until she turned 18, would pass quickly,
Unfold into hours,
She hoped,
As she often did,
That her knight would never leave,
Never unfold,
Into nothing more than finely fingered origami,
A paper imitation of shining armor and heroism.
Deep down, she knew,
That this was meant to be,
But still, she found it hard to believe,
For someone who long ago,
Abandoned the idea
Of perfection,
As a myth,
A fantasy,
A fairytale.
But could it be true,
That there is a perfect two,
To be made out of everyone?
She asked,
As she often did,
If he would marry her,
And stared into his melted chocolate eyes,
Heard his simple reply,
And doubt shimmed from her heart,
Did a nervous little dance,
And fled into the dark,
With three letters,
She had every answer she needed,
She knew nothing had ever been more true,
More honest,
More perfect,
More right,
And in closed the night,
Until it was just these two,
A girl,
And her knight.

The author's comments:
For my own Knight in Shining Armor

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