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Big Man

August 18, 2013
By aylinnnz GOLD, Bronx, New York
aylinnnz GOLD, Bronx, New York
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leave me alone
it feels so good to say that
confinement and restriction have suffocated me to the point of no return
literally, as in I wish to escape first chance I get and never return
does it feel good, big man?
does it feel good to asphyxiate me?
does it feel good to cut my wings?
tell me, big man,
have you ever been asphyxiated?
have you ever been cut down?
have you ever been driven to the point of 99.9% suppression; .1% willpower?
leave me alone big man
a power trip
pack up your emotional baggage and take a flight to the land of inhibitions
leave me alone big man
I push you pull
or is it you push I pull?;
you push me away with your constraints
and I pull you closer to madness with my cries for freedom
leave me alone
let me jump in the fire
I’ll let you know if I get burned
stop the smothering, big man
you bring me to the highest peak of the highest mountain with the most beautiful views and freshest air
only to hold me back and stop me from breathing
you better watch out, big man
one day I’ll run out and over the mountain
while you stay back
grasping at my silhouette
leave me alone

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